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Letter From Joe Morelli – Facts About ALC

Dear Rancher,
As we are moving into the prime retail selling season for fur in our important markets around the world, I wanted to take the time to tell you more about us – ALC. Often times, we don’t toot our own horn the way we should. While competitive forces around us continue to offer lower selling commissions and higher rebates to attract your business, I thought it would be important for you to know some facts about your ownership at ALC.

Fact 1:
The Blackglama and American Legend brands have consistently received a price premium over all other competitive brands. Often times, statistics can be very misleading. For example, one of your neighbors who ships to our competition might have overall bigger mink than you do, but you might have similar or better quality mink than he does. You might hear that he had a “better sale” than you did because his “average price” was higher than yours. Well, bigger mink of the same quality will usually draw more money. But, that doesn’t mean your neighbor had a better sale than you did. On a size-by-size basis, you more than likely had a much better sale than he did. But the “average” will suggest otherwise.

Thus, we have taken the initiative to remove “mink size” from the equation and instead have looked at the prices of mink per square inch of pelt. Over the past 5 years – fiscal years 2007 through 2011, did you know that if you compared the price of our branded mink (both Blackglama and American Legend) with our North American competitor’s branded mink, we have sold at a 5.5% premium? I will be more than happy to sit with any of you and disclose these numbers, just so you know we aren’t tinkering with the data.

When running this same comparison with our European competitor’s velvet type mink, you’ll see that the premium has been well over 10%, and if you remove exchange rate fluctuations due to a weakening US dollar, that premium is closer to 20%.

Fact 2:
Since we have become a stock cooperative in FY 2007, we have rebated back to you – in the form of either cash or stock ownership – almost $35 million. This is over a five year period of time. It is also over a total membership revenue of $724 million. If you do the math, you will see that’s 4.8%, which makes the average effective owner selling fee less than 1%.

Fact 3:
We have revised some of our bylaws so that it is much easier to redeem your equity once you decide to retire, sell your farm, hand your farm down, or even ship elsewhere. We want you shipping with us because you want to ship with us, not because you feel handcuffed.

Fact 4:
Each year we have an income stream related to the sales of “non-patronage activity.” We normally retain these earnings into what we call “unallocated equity.” While this equity truly is unallocated, it still is owned by you, and will be allocated to your accounts in the future as our board deems appropriate. With all of our branding activities happening, we expect this to continue to grow.

Fact 5:
In the end, having consumers that desire and covet your brand is far more sustainable than having retailers carry your brand because you paid them to do so. This is not only true for mink, but for all things. Our brands are desired. Blackglama, in particular, is not only desired, but coveted as well. And with our efforts around building it into a true luxury brand, this will only increase. And as this increases, so will the premium you receive for it in our auction room. Our buyers know this, and they embrace it as well. They know that as consumers pay a premium for our brand, they will also enjoy higher margins with their business, even after paying you a premium.

Our buyers continue to enjoy buying your farm lots. They have grown familiar with your crops year after year and know what to expect when they purchase your mink in our auction room.

Our competition believes that placing your mink in “collections” and marketing these collections to consumers is the proper course of action. It’s a little confusing, even internally to our industry since some of these collections are named after individuals who no longer raise mink. As much as I would love to place each of your individual names on our Blackglama brand, that would create too much confusion in consumers’ minds. It would not only cost a fortune to market so many individual brands, it would also seriously dilute the equity that has been built, over decades, of our Blackglama brand.

Let me summarize by simply saying this: After rebates, our net selling price for you has been less than 1% of your hammer revenues, AND you’ve been receiving a 5.5% premium. This nets out to the equivalent of selling for free AND receiving a 4.5% premium in your pocket. If our competition sold your mink for free, AND guaranteed you a 3.5% rebate, you’d still be 1% behind.

I just wanted to put into perspective certain things I’ve seen and heard from our competition recently, whether it’s their willingness to sell your mink for a low fee, or whether they have decided to “guarantee” a future rebate by handcuffing you to sell with them. I appreciate the support, loyalty, and friendship I’ve received from each of you over the last three years. Our future together is very bright.

I look forward to seeing you all and sharing any of this data with you if you’re interested.

Take care,



Both Auction Houses Agree to Continue Selling Together
SEATTLE, WA, (April 10, 2014) – American Legend Cooperative of


MILAN FUR FAIR – 3/4 – 3/6
The general consensus from our clients was that the attendance was better and more active than at the Hong Kong Fur Fair. The

03.31.14 Letter From The President

Dear ALC Rancher,
Now that we have all returned from Helsinki after experiencing our first of two “Fur Auctions of the Century,” I wanted to give


Record breaking numbers of buyers filled the auction room at the American Legend sales portion of the “Fur Auctions of the Century” in Helsinki, Finland, March 15, 17 and 20. 


Inside the auction room with ALC at the Fur Auctions of the Century.


Saga Furs concluded their sale today of European mink and fox. As host company to the “Auction of the Century,” Saga Furs anchored the sale with their collection of 3.4

03.20.14 Day Three Wraps Up a Spectacular Sale

March 20, 2014
Day Three Wraps Up a Spectacular Sale
American Legend concluded the “Auction of the Century” today with the offering of the Demi/Wild Type males and females. Buying

03.17.14 Day 2 Results Reinforce Strength of Blackglama and American Legend Brands

The second day of American Legend’s auction at the “Sale of the Century” mirrored the success of day one with a packed auction room representing all markets in the world. Continue reading

03.16.14 Opening Day Draws Record Crowd as Prices Advance

March 15, 2014
Opening Day Draws Record Crowd as Prices Advance
The opening day of the American Legend portion of the “Sale of the Century” in Helsinki, Finland, was a


For a visual experience of ALC’s March 2014 Sale in Helsinki, we’re proud to present a series of videos capturing highlights of the much anticipated “Fur Auctions of

03.5.14 Inaugural Blackglama Design Initiative

Inaugural Blackglama Design Initiative
Blackglama is delighted to announce the acclaimed group of talent that forms the inaugural Fall/Winter 2014 Blackglama Design Initiative. Blackglama’s goal is to encourage

03.4.14 American Legend at Sochi 2014 Olympics

Marina Anissina, 2002 Olympic Pairs Ice Dancing Champion (pictured with her then dance partner, Gwendal Peizerat), proudly wore our American Legend, dyed yellow mink coat at the 2014 Sochi Winter


Overall, this year’s fair attendance was down by about 25% compared to last year’s record attendance.   With the Chinese market being the way it has been, decrease in Chinese

02.6.14 Fur Auctions of the Century — What the executives say



One-stop shopping at auctions of the century
The Fur Harvesters-Saga Furs-American Legend joint auctions to be held in March and June will offer the most diverse selection

01.31.14 POWER N.A.P

But not of the snoozing kind… No nap time for our team in the New Age Processors’ facility this time of the year! All engines are on full power!


ALC welcomes our ranchers! It’s a pleasure to host everyone visiting from their farms. We appreciate you being a part of the mink grading process. 
Read the full ALC


The Newfoundland and Labrador Fur Breeders Association’s Annual Information Workshop was held January 20 and 21 at the Hotel Gander in Gander, Newfoundland. The agenda for


The cold weather in all areas of the Russian Federation finally set in. Unfortunately, it only happened after the 10th of January when all the Russian winter

01.27.14 TO BUY OR NOT TO BUY?

Retail sales in China are down dramatically from a year ago. There are several reasons why this has been a difficult start at the retail level. Firstly, the weather unfortunately hasn’t been

01.27.14 NSMBA 2014 AGM

The Nova Scotia Mink Breeders held their 2014 annual meeting at Old Orchard Inn at Wolfeville, Nova Scotia, on January 17 and 18. The meeting began Friday afternoon with a workshop on The Fur Act


The 40th China Fur & Leather Products Fair in Beijing on January 13th wasa reflection of the market in China in general – still an important and majormarket, but struggling


The first of the year took ALC to visit over a dozen buyers in Hong Kong to get an update on the current market atmosphere and their opinions on what


We’re off to a great start as we get ready for our upcoming auction.  Receiving, Processing, and Grading teams are working diligently to get pelts ready for market.   


The North American Fur Industry Communications group (NAFIC) launches a new web portal for the North American Fur Trade to answer questions about the industry.  Visit
“…NAFIC brings together

01.8.14 March Order of Sale

Download PDF: MarchOrderOfSale


The 2013/14 mink auction season will get underway next week with the opening rounds at the two Scandinavian auctions set to take place prior to the new

11.8.13 Greek Market Update

Mike McCrea and American Legend’s Greek representative, Dimitrios Siomos, spent the first week of November visiting current and prospective customers in Kastoria and Siatista, Greece. This region is the leading

11.1.13 ALC Promotions Gear Up For Chinese Retail Season

During the past several months, American Legend has been helping the Chinese retail market prepare for what will hopefully be another successful winter selling season. Advertising campaigns on

11.1.13 ALC Brands Dominate Top Fashion Markets

Blackglama and American Legend campaigns are flooding the world’s top print and media fashion outlets as part of ALC’s aggressive 2013-2014 brand marketing strategy.
The campaigns, which both feature super


October 18, 2013 Continue reading

10.14.13 Fur Trade embraces joint sales of ALC, Saga, and Fur Harvesters

Finally, a resolution has been found to the 2014 auction scheduling conflict that has burdened the industry for the last five months.  
In creating the “Auction of the Century,”

09.20.13 NAP Update

NAP is busy getting ready for the 2013/2014 season. In order to accommodate the earlier sales dates and increase in pelts, we are  upgrading equipment, facilities and adding machines. We are adding more rotating

09.9.13 Blackglama Ads Take Over NYFW Runway Coverage

New York Fashion week is officially upon us, an event that captures the attention of the fashion experts, designers, and followers from all over the world. 
While many people attend

09.6.13 ALC, Saga, & Fur Harvesters Join Forces For 2014 Selling Season

Saga Furs in Helsinki, Finland will host the auction events of a lifetime in the 2014 selling season. Continue reading

07.31.13 ALC Announces Sales Date Revisions for 2014

05.22.13 American Legend May Auction Day Two

The second day of the American Legend May auction continued the success experienced in day one. Continue reading

05.21.13 American Legend Sale Brings Advancing Prices

A record buyer attendance pushed the price level higher on the opening day of American Legend’s May auction. Continue reading

04.23.13 ALC Announces 2014 Sales Dates

American Legend is pleased to announce the selling schedule for the 2014 auction season. Continue reading

03.25.13 American Legend Auction Closing Day

American Legend concluded its March 2013 auction with strong results on the balance of the Mutation collection. Continue reading

03.24.13 American Legend Auction Day Two

Day two of the American Legend auction achieved strong prices that continued to maintain the overall strength of this year’s remarkable sales. Continue reading

03.23.13 American Legend Auction Opening Day

The first day of the American Legend auction in Seattle opened with an outstanding collection of Black and Mahogany males. Continue reading

03.11.13 Major Fur Fairs Cope With High Prices

The recent fur fairs in Hong Kong and Milan have played an important role in determining the fashion trends and upcoming price structure of consumer garments. Continue reading

02.13.13 Brandon Sun Fall 2013 Collection

Last Thursday, Designer Brandon Sun debuted his Fall 2013 collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in NYC. Continue reading

01.24.13 Luxury Times

The famous Luxurydale Hotel in Beijing was the site of another fashion show presented by KC Furs and American Legend/Blackglama. Continue reading

01.23.13 Beijing Fair Draws Large Crowds

The 39th edition of the China Fur and Leather Products Fair was held in Beijing at the China National Convention Center from Jan 15-18. Continue reading

12.17.12 ALC & KC Furs Promote Partnership in China

In early December, the ALC staff embarked on yet another eventful tour through northern China to promote the American Legend/Blackglama partnership with KC Furs. Continue reading

12.3.12 Retail Season Begins in Anshan

On November 17, 2012, ALC and Jin Lian Fur Store joined forces to promote this year’s opening of the retail season in the northeastern city of Anshan, China. Continue reading

12.3.12 Guangzhou Trade Visits and Seminar

On November 15, 2012, ALC continued its Chinese buyer-solicitation and educational program in the southern Guangdong province city of Guangzhou. Continue reading

12.3.12 Korean Market Update

Joe Morelli, Kurt Essman and Mike McCrea visited with ALC customers in Korea in late November. Overall, spirits were quite high as the November weather had turned cold earlier than the previous season and sales were increasing as a result. Continue reading

11.13.12 China Market Update II

On October 25, 2012, Dale Theisen, Scott Wolfe, Ernie Hecker, Barbara Lee, and staff attended the launch of Tian Lun Fur’s exclusive Blackglama Club in the portside city of Dalian, China. Continue reading

11.1.12 China Market Update

American Legend continued its fall solicitation and promotional tour in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen. Continue reading

10.30.12 Russian Market Update

Interest was very strong at the seminar as JT highlighted American Legend and Blackglama mink and their unique characteristics to this skin dealing, hat manufacturing, and garment manufacturing area of Russia. Continue reading

06.19.12 American Legend Announces 2013 Auction Schedule

American Legend is pleased to announce the selling schedule for the 2013 auction season. Continue reading

05.22.12 Females Sell at Advancing Levels

Day two of the American Legend May auction started with Blackglama females advancing 5% over March 2012 sales results. Continue reading

05.21.12 Strong Prices for Day One

Prices remained high during the first day of selling at American Legend’s May auction. Continue reading

05.11.12 35th International Fur Fair of Kastoria Update

Monday May 7, 2012 concluded the final day of the 35thInternational Fur Fair of Kastoria. The exhibition marked the last of the major fur fairs to be held this year

05.10.12 FFCMA launches new loan program for Canadian mink farmers

Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz and Farm Credit Canada President and CEO Greg Stewart introduced a new loan program called the Young Farmer Loan at a media conference in Saskatoon. Continue reading

05.9.12 WWD In Person: Kathy Ireland

The May 7th issue of Women’s Wear Daily celebrated the career of American Legend’s brand ambassador, Kathy Ireland. Continue reading

04.11.12 ALC Welcomes Kathy Ireland

American Legend Brand Ambassador, Kathy Ireland, makes special guest appearance at ALC during Guest Appreciation Night Continue reading

04.9.12 May 2012 Preliminary Order of Sale

American Legend Cooperative Preliminary Order of Sale for May 2012 Continue reading

03.29.12 Blackglama Label Commands Significant Premium

Blackglama females showed a 13% premium this week versus Black NAFA female sales in February, while Blackglama males commanded an 8% premium. Continue reading

03.28.12 May 2012 Preliminary Offering

American Legend Cooperative May 2012 Preliminary Offering – 1.7 Million Mink on sale May 21st – 23rd. Continue reading

03.26.12 Auction Concludes with Rising Mutation Prices

American Legend concluded its March 2012 auction with tremendous results on the balance of the Mutation collection. Continue reading

03.25.12 Auction Continues to Establish New Highs

Day two of the American Legend auction achieved both new seasonal highs and unprecedented historical price levels. Continue reading

03.24.12 Record Breaking Prices

A record attendance of international buyers crowded the auction room at American Legend on the opening day of the sale. Continue reading

11.22.11 kathy ireland Fashion Collection

American Legend is pleased to announce that Kathy Ireland has developed a collection of kathy ireland American Legend garments and accessories exclusively for the Fur Vault at Macys. Continue reading

11.21.11 Janet Jackson Blackglama Collection

Blackglama announced this morning the launch of the Janet Jackson Blackglama collection. The line of luxe fur outerwear and accessories will debut in stores in November. Continue reading

11.18.11 A Note From Joe

Hopefully after reading this, you’ll come to the realization that it IS worth it, not only for today, but for the years ahead as well. Continue reading

11.11.11 Janet and Blackglama – Times Square

The Times Square district is one of the most desirable and sought-after neighborhoods for national and international advertising. This is no surprise given the area’s famous electronic screens and massive, striking billboards. Continue reading

11.9.11 ALC Press Release – From Joe Morelli

Hi Everyone, As all of you know, ALC had a record year this past year, with revenues totaling more than $258 million. I’m very happy to announce that along with

10.19.11 Letter From Joe Morelli – Facts About ALC

As we are moving into the prime retail selling season for fur in our important markets around the world, I wanted to take the time to tell you more about us – ALC. Often times, we don’t toot our own horn the way we should. Continue reading

06.29.10 American Legend Named Key Sponsor

American Legend Cooperative today announced that the American Legend® brand will once again serve as a key sponsor of the upcoming 2010-2011 Japan Fur Association Design Contest. Continue reading

05.24.09 ALC Offers Blackglama Charity Bundle

The American Legend May sale began the second day of selling with a touching show of compassion and sincerity from the fur trade community, as an American Legend® Charity Bundle was auctioned off to a packed house of buyers and onlookers. Continue reading

03.10.09 New Program to Guarantee Authenticity

In the current economic market, the value of the return on any investment that you make becomes increasingly important. Continue reading

08.17.08 Blackglama Announces Elizabeth Hurley as Latest Legend

Blackglama, marketers of the world's premium ranch-raised Black mink, announced that renowned actress and supermodel Elizabeth Hurley will star in their new “What Becomes a Legend Most?” advertising campaign. Continue reading

07.17.08 Joseph E. Morelli as President and CEO

American Legend Cooperative announced that longtime Nike and Dupont executive Joseph E. Morelli has been named President and Chief Executive Officer Continue reading